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grom, (n)
1) the abbreviated form of the word grommet, meaning small one
2) an enthusiastic, young beginner in the activities
of skateboarding or surfing

Xtreme Wheels has formed a Grom Club!
This is a special club designed for the young skater only!

* will meet for a session once a month on a Saturday, from 9:30 to 12, before the park opens to the public.

* Our Skateboarder Isaac Knipfing is the one who thought of this!

*this is a FREE activity and you must be an Xtreme Wheels
member to join

*if you decide to stay past 12, you are required to
pay the park admission

* Grom Club members must be 13 years old or younger. Skateboarders, inline skaters and bmxers are all welcome to attend!

* Tell your friends and come join Buffalo's first Grom Club!