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Chuck Lattuca's Xtreme Birthday

FuelTV - BMX Tour added 6/02/08

So you've never seen a 6' 8" skateboard?

Now you have
... and you didn't have to go to Ripley's to see it.


Try not. Do or do not, there is no try....
Sean Zimmerman, who runs our Shifting Gears BMX Clinic demonstrates his part Zen part Jedi approach to instruction.


New Justin Faso Pix!

Video Captures from Evan Cline & Matt Dibble !

Congratulations Matthew Yusczyk! He is a bit overwhelmed in this picture as you can see. Matthew was given a brand new bmx bike courtesy of our friends at Shifting Gears Bike Shop, Sean Zimmerman, Fair Havens Church, Enemy Opposition and Xtreme Wheels. We caught you off guard, didn't we little buddy!

Dipskate Pro Skate Team!
Whoa! You are not going to believe this! The Dipskate pro skate team came to XW last night to tear up the house! They LOVED the park, LOVED that we sell their merch, LOVED the people
skating with them. The were awesome. For those of you who were lucky enough to be here for the surprise visit...didn't you just want to scream? It was quite surreal to say the least.

Rich DiValentino as featured on the Gusto cover 6/22/07 (courtesy The Buffalo News)



New Justin Faso Pix!


Justin Faso Pix!


Dave Mirra Films Commercial!


New Construction

Justin Faso Pix

Triad Demo/Woodward

Our 1st Anniversary!

New Photos!

Got milk?


Team Flow

Live Music

Live Music & MSS Shots by Brian Garman